Wednesday, September 28, 2016

2 Weeks Down!

Hey everyone!

So I got some bad news earlier this week. My Grandma passed away, and she's one the best people I know. She has an amazing life story and is probably the kindest individual I've ever met. She's an amazing singer (no exaggeration, amazing) and choir director. Now she's leading a choir of angels in heaven.

Other then that my week has been really great! 

So everyone in my district is super cool! I have never gotten so close to a group of people so fast! Everyone is great in their own way. We always have a ton of fun whenever there is downtime! The MTC is super busy, but everyday we get exercise time, and we play basketball and lift weights and stuff, which is always a blast.

We've gotten to the point where we speak a ton of broken Spanish with very Gringo accents, And I'm beginning to understand Spanish a lot better, but only if i'm focusing really hard. It's honestly amazing how much I can understand now. I'm still not very good at speaking though.

Overall I'm liking the MTC, It's a ton of hard work and long days but there's always a point in every day where I'm having a ton of fun. Plus the spiritual atmosphere is a huge plus

See you guys next week!

Elder Harris