Wednesday, October 12, 2016

1/24 Completed!

Hey Guys!

Wow the days are starting to go by super fast, last week seemed like yesterday!

So as a Zone Leader part of my job is to help all the new missionaries in the zone get acquainted and feeling comfortable in the MTC. So about a dozen new missionaries arrived in our zone last Wednesday, and me and my companions have been helping them out and stuff. Honestly, our job is to kind of be like a big brother to them and help them with all the problems they may be having. It's actually super cool! All of these guys seem to really like us and come to us if they need anything. It's really cool to see how much they trust us. A few times we've had an elder who's struggling a lot come to us and told us about the worries that were on his mind. We're helping him out and it's wonderful to see him getting better.

ANYWAYS one of the coolest things ever happened yesterday. David A. Bednar of the 12 apostles came and gave an amazing talk at the MTC!  My district was the only one that knew beforehand so we went extra early and got amazing seats, we were literally 20 feet away from him when he talked! It was a crazy cool and spiritual experience

2 weeks left until I'm actually teaching in the field. Wow, that's such a weird thought. 

See you next week!

-Elder Harris